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Toronto Machine Learning Society

About Us

The Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS) helps unite and support the Canadian AI Ecosystem.

With an explorative approach our initiatives address the unique needs of our community of over 10,000 ML researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs. Intended to empower its members and propel AI Research, & Business Applications on a global stage, TMLS is re-imagining what it means to have a connected community; offering support, growth, inclusion for all members, and unique collaborations across various academic, and industrial communities.

TMLS partner initiatives support:

  • Education and career development
  • Identification of business opportunities
  • Unique local and global partnerships
  • Hiring and talent building
  • Diversity and inclusion

Picture: TMLS Volunteering Team 2017

2022-2023 Committee Members

  • Suhas Pai, Conference Chair
  • David Scharbach, Executive Director TMLS 2021 Chair
  • Abdul Rahman Sattar, Cyber Security Chair
  • Ben Ashtiani, Insurance and Applied Chair
  • Lisa Wardlaw, EVP Global Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at Munich Re (Group)
  • Wallace Trenholm, Founder, CEO at Sightline Innovation Inc.
  • Jay Dawani, Founder, Lemurian Labs
  • Nima Ashtari, CEO X-Matik
  • Abi Kuganesan, Co-Founder, Reka
  • Jing He, CTO at AdeptMind
  • Gabriel Straub, Chief Data Scientist, Ocado
  • Jose A. Murillo, Chief Analytics Officer, Banorte
  • Cal Rosen, Vice President, Data & Analytics, Home Trust
  • Eugene Wen, Vice President, Group Advanced Analytics
  • Muhammad Mamdani, Vice President – DSAA, Unity Health Toronto; Professor – University of Toronto
  • Gonzalo Corrales, Senior Director, Robotic Automation and Machine Learning at Rogers Communications
  • Ajinkya Kulkarni, Senior Director Data Science & AI at Scale, RBC
  • Melissa Ludack, Senior Director Data Science & Analytics, Target
  • Ali Osman Ors, Director, AI Strategy and Strategic Partnerships, Automotive / NXP Semiconductors
  • Shahid Amlani, Director, Machine Learning & Automation – Rogers Communications
  • Stewart Hayes, Director, Business Development & Partnerships, Intersect
  • Jekaterina Novikova, Director of Machine Learning at Winterlight Labs
  • Tanaby Zibamanzar Mofrad, Director of Data science and analytics / Scotiabank- Tangerine
  • Callum Kift, Director of Data Engineering at Assurance IQ
  • Aswini Narayana Prasad, Director of Engineering, Autzu
  • Armando Benitez, Director Data & AI
  • Wanda Peteanu, Director of Information Management, AI & VR Innovation Lab, UHN
  • Daniel Weimer, Head of AI, Volkswagen of America, Inc.
  • Santosh Hariharan, Principal Scientist Pfizer
  • Dr. Benjamin Fine, Physician Lead / Affiliate Scientist, Operational Analytics Lab at the Institute for Better Health, Trillium Health Partners
  • Bogdan Mazoure, PhD candidate at McGill University
  • Afsoon Soudi, PhD, Senior Manager, Data Science and Machine Intelligence at CBC
  • Jesika Briones, Senior Manager, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Nasreen Iqbal, Senior Manager, Exploratory Data Science
  • Muna Khayyat, ML team Lead for Optech at Morgan Stanley
  • Linda Kaleis, Lead Data Scientist, MEMOTEXT
  • Mehrsa Golestaneh, Lead Data Scientist at League Inc.
  • Jamie Chung, Executive Product Manager – Voice + AI at BBC
  • Patrick Cullen, Engineering Director Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, The Washington Post
  • Runsheng Xu, Senior Engineer, Machine Learning at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America Inc.
  • Ramzi Abdelmoula, AI Innovation at General Motors
  • Mohammed AbdelWahab, Senior inventive scientist at AT&T Labs, Inc
  • Carlos Dominguez, Enterprise Architect
  • Simon Hughes, Senior Data Scientist, The Home Depot
  • Chris Parisien, Senior Deep Learning Applied Scientist, NVIDIA
  • Diya Suzanne Abraham, Senior Data Scientist, The Home Depot
  • Max Huang, Data Scientist,
  • Haseeb Raja, Senior Data Scientist at Jazz (previously known as Mobilink)
  • Katherine Tattum, Health Tech Consultan
  • Sherin Abdelhamid, Technical Advisor, Automotive and Mobility Innovation at OCE
  • Ali Sabet, Machine Learning Researcher at Vector Institute
  • Pooja Hiranandani, Applied Scientist – NLP, Dialpad
  • Lilian Lau, Data Scientist/Engineer
  • Sowmya Vajjala, Research Officer, National Research Council
  • Linda Wang, Software Engineer, Lyft
  • Saeid Abolfazli, TELUS
  • Christopher Steel, IQVIA
  • Dr. Ashwin Tumne, Director, Head of Analytics & AI Community of Practice, Scotiabank
  • Ben Ashtiani, Director, Data Science and Innovation , Sun Life Financial
  • Ahmed Nasir, Director of Innovation and Commercialization, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
  • Wanda Peteanu, Director of Information Management, UHN
  • Rabiya Noori, Educational Content Developer, Workera
  • Akbar Nurlybayev
  • Apurva Misra
  • Asad Norouzi
  • Darin Graham
  • Eric Brener
  • Faraz Zaidi (Dr)
  • Hadi Abdi Ghavidel
  • Israel A. Igietsemhe
  • Javier Diaz
  • Paul Edwards
  • Raphael Alabi
  • Razi Bayati
  • Salim Ladak
  • Vejey (Subash) Gandyer
  • Yannick Lallement


  • David Scharbach, Executive Director
  • Faraz Thambi, Marketing & Partnerships
  • Tina Aprile, Head of Event Operations
  • April Grace de las Alas, Head of Volunteers
  • Jenn Wright, Event Lead
  • Valeria SalazarMarketing & Operation Coordinator
  • Amy Mansell, Event Lead
  • Anna McNeil, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  • Allaine Nicole Gamaro, Website Lead

Past Extended Team / Volunteers

  • Bita Houshmand, Data Scientist | Research Assistant, Ryerson University
  • Carrillo Juan, Researcher – PhD Student, University of Toronto
  • Farhad Sadeghlo, Data Analyst, Omdena
  • Farzaneh Ghods, Data Science and AI Technical Lead, IBM
  • Hariskrishna Venkatesan, Data Analyst, University of Toronto
  • Jiri Stodulka, Data Scientist, Stage Page
  • Karan Teckwani, Lead Data Scientist, EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS
  • Mamta Gupta, Research Associate, Scotiabank Center for Customer Analytics at Queen’s University, Scotiabank
  • Maria D’Angelo, Data Science Lead, Shopify
  • Marnie Landon, CEO and Founder, C 2 Infinity Corporation
  • Motasem Salem, Data Scientist, Flipp
  • Nadia Rauch, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, R&D, Nylas
  • Peter Yu Ping Shih
  • Reena Shaw, Talent Acquisition Expert, Savanna HR
  • Stewart Hayes, Director, Business Development + Partnerships, Intersect
  • Tariq Habib, Senior Advisor I Global Investment and Innovation Incentives, Deloitte
  • Madhur Kanjolia, Consultant, Accenture

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TMLS is working with community members to re-imagine a collaborative “connected-community”. We’re working to empower our community members and propel successful AI applications, and the use of AI research on a local and global stage.

Our community members are developing AI/ML effectively and responsibly across all Industries.

Data practitioners and students are fast-tracking their learning process and developing rewarding careers in the field of ML and AI.

Expand your network with machine learning experts and further your own personal & professional development in this exciting and rewarding field.

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Business Leaders: C-Level Executives, Project Managers, and Product Owners will get to explore best practices, methodologies, principles, and practices for achieving ROI.

Engineers, Researchers, Data Practitioners: Will get a better understanding of the challenges, solutions, and ideas being offered via breakouts & workshops on Natural Language Processing, Neural Nets, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Evolution Strategies, AutoML, and more.

Job Seekers: Will have the opportunity to network virtually and meet over 30+ Top Al Companies.

Ignite what is an Ignite Talk?

Ignite is an innovative and fast-paced style used to deliver a concise presentation.

During an Ignite Talk, presenters discuss their research using 20 image-centric slides which automatically advance every 15 seconds.

The result is a fun and engaging five-minute presentation.

You can see all our speakers and full agenda here

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